Certified and recommended

ErgoFlex and ErgoFlex MAX fulfil the strict requirements of “Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.” (Campaign for Healthier Backs, “AGR”) and are allowed to carry the AGR seal of approval

  • The schoolbags weigh between approx. 800 and 950 g and thus a lot less than the maximum weight of 1,500 g that the AGR specified
  • Their capacity ist approx. 22 l (the AGR requests at least 15 l).
  • As requested by the AGR, they dispose of the easy-to-handle back strap system with which the height of the schoolbag can be individually adjusted. It does not create any extra pressure on the back of the kid (adjustable in 5 steps, from XS to XL).
  • The back strap system is equipped with a removable hip and chest belt. The soft padded hip belt helps to shift the weight to the stable hip area.
  • The back of the schoolbag corresponds to the following criteria:
    • Stable, ergonomic contouring (in consideration of the physiological oscillation of the spine)
    • Back padding constructed to ensure that the spinal process is relieved and the main load is distributed bilaterally equal along the spine
    • Sturdy material ensuring that the contents do not push through to the back
    • Breathable back padding for ventilation and reduction of heat
    • Non-slip material ensuring that the schoolbag sits in the mid of the back of the child – even on the move

  • Adjustable shoulder straps with additional straps for ideal positioning in the shoulder area allow to carry the schoolbag close to the back in a back-friendly way
  • All DerDieDas schoolbags have a division of compartments that makes sure that heavy things like books can be carried close to the back and thus in a back-friendly way.
  • A chest belt, adjustable in length and height, helps to fixate the schoolbag close to the body so the weight can ideally be shifted to the rearward, upper iliac crest. The S-shaped padded shoulder straps do not slip thanks to this chest belt.
  • They dispose of a comfortable carrying strap.
  • All DerDieDas models are certified for being toxicologically harmless.