The AGR seal

A mark for back-friendly products

Back-friendly products are needed to prevent and treat back pain – this was the thesis of the physician Dr. Günther Neymeyer from Hamburg in the beginning of the 90s. A very new thesis in the beginning, it was confirmed soon enough in diverse studies and is today common knowledge. The independent association “Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.” (Campaign for Healthier Backs) was created in 1995 as a result of focusing the ever-growing insights of the positive influence of ergonomically designed consumer goods on the prevention and therapy of back pain.

The “Campaign for Healthier Backs” was created as a result of the realization that back-friendly products can prevent back pain and support their treatment. The independent association has been pooling the ever-expanding findings about the interaction of back-friendly products and back health since 1995. It thus helps to create awareness for the importance of back-friendly consumer goods – with the aim to avoid postural deformities and back pain.

The AGR seal of approval is awarded only to products whose back-friendly design has been verified by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical disciplines. The seal was tested by ÖKO-TEST (important independet German consumer magazine) and certified as “very well” (best possible grade) – another proof for AGR’s high quality standards.

The DerDieDas models ErgoFlex and ErgoFlex MAX are awarded with the AGR seal of approval – showing that they are highly ergonomic and back-friendly.

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