Sustainability & Responsibility

DerDieDas and BLUESIGN

We from DerDieDas would like to reduce the ecological footprint of our products. As bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER we are involved in reducing the strain on the environment during the whole production process.

BLUESIGN: sustainability from the outset

The objective of bluesign® SYSTEMS is creating a safe and environmentally-friendly produced textile consumer product. The approach to achieve this is the conscious and responsible use of ressources while at the same time applying the least possible strain on water and air, supervision of emissions and applying safe procedures for employees. Powered by this holistic approach, BLUESIGN enables an environmental-friendly and sustainable textile production all over the world.

Environmentally-friendly production process

The principle of the bluesign® SYSTEMS is: reducing the environmental burden during the whole production process by supervising all substances used during production and all raw materials before production can begin. Therefore all suppliers, manufacturers and brands have to undergo strict assessments.

DerDieDas is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER

We are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer of products for children. As bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER we are involved in the protection of humans and environment – and in the most ecological and sustainable use of ressources possible. Whether looking at our own production sites or our supplying partners.

Focal points of bluesign® SYSTEMS

  • Humans: consumer protection, security of employment
  • Environment: emission of water and air, waste, land pollution
  • Ressources: energy, water, chemicals, raw materials, benchmark

Further information at BLUESIGNs website

DerDieDas and Global Compact

10 principles for more responsibility

The Global Compact (GC) of the United Nations calls companies worldwide to implement the ten principles from the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental protection and the combating of corruption. Georg A. Steinmann Lederwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is involved in this UN initiative.

  1. Companies should support and observe the protection of international human rights.
  2. Companies should ensure that they do not become involved in violations of human rights.
  3. Companies should preserve the freedom of association and the effective acknowledgement of the right to collective negotiations.
  4. Companies should be involved in the removal of all forms of forced labour.
  5. Companies should be involved in the termination of child labour.
  6. Companies should be involved in the removal of discrimination when appointing and advertising for jobs.
  7. Companies should follow the precautionary principle when dealing with environmental issues.
  8. Companies should take the initiative in promoting increased environmental consciousness.
  9. Companies should accelerate the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.
  10. Companies should be involved against any kind of corruption, including blackmail and bribery.

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