Frequently asked questions

All the questions that may arise when it comes to buying a schoolbag.

What attracts the kids the most?

The lovingly and exquisitely crafted designs – there is one for everyone.

Is the quality right?

DerDieDas schoolbags and backpacks for school have been awarded for their performance characteristics. And they are equipped with lovingly crafted details.
Our designers involve school kids when it comes to product development.

Does a Leitz ring binder fit in? And what about the drinks bottle?

Of course.
A DIN-A4 (German standard format) ring binder fits easily into all our DerDieDas models. And all the side bags are designed for all the established drinks bottles.

What about stability?

DerDieDas backpacks are designed to be lightweight but to offer good stability at the same time. They should not, however, be used as seating accommodation.

Are the DerDieDas schoolbags and backpacks anatomically designed?

Absolutely. All DerDieDas backpacks have a height-adjustable chest strap that optimizes the seat. In addition, all backpacks contain a hip belt, which relieves shoulders and back by shifting the weight to the hips.

What about the weight?

The ErgoFlex Vario has an empty weight of only approximately 950 g, the ErgoFlex XL approx. 850 g and the ErgoFlex only weigh approx. 800 g!
This way, the DerDieDas models are counted among the most lightweight schoolbags.

And is it safe?

With retroreflective areas.
The retroreflective areas reflect incoming light – for ideal safety at dawn and in the dark.

New: ErgoFlex Exclusive “Safety”
With retroreflective material and yellow fluorescent warning areas – for an ideal visibility during the day, at dawn and in the dark.

What about the size?

With approx. 32 x 40 x 25 cm and a capacity of approx. 23.5 l (incl. front and side pockets), the DerDieDas ErgoFlex Vario takes its name very well: optimal ergonomics and flexibility when packaged with expandable main compartment.

With approx. 33 x 40 x 23 cm and a capacity of approx. 20.5 l (incl. front and side bags), the DerDieDas ErgoFlex is particularly flexible and offers a perfect fit thanks to its ergonomic design.

The DerDieDas ErgoFlex XL offers with approx. 34 x 41 x 25 cm and a capacity of 25.5 l (incl. front and side pockets) 25 % more space and is particularly suitable for larger kids. It is also flexible while being anatomically designed and offering a perfect fit.

What you get for the buck.

A complete set!
Together with every DerDieDas schoolbag we offer a matching, high-quality sports bag – and a fully equipped pencil case, a pencil pouch and other useful accessories.

5-pcs set ErgoFlex: RRP € 219
5-pcs set ErgoFlex Vario: RRP € 229
5-pcs set ErgoFlex XL: RRP € 229
5-pcs set ErgoFlex Exclusive „Switch Patch“: RRP € 240
7-pcs set ErgoFlex Exclusive „Switch“: RRP € 240
7-pcs set ErgoFlex XL Exclusive „Switch“: RRP € 250
5-pcs set ErgoFlex Exclusive „Safety“: RRP € 240
5-pcs set ErgoFlex Exclusive „Superflash“: RRP € 240
5-pcs set ErgoFlex Exclusive LED: RRP € 229

The DerDieDas pencil cases are equipped with high quality coloured pencils „Noris Club“ from Staedtler/Germany, in ergonomic triangular shape and with A·B·S (white protective coating which reinforces the lead core and increases break-resistance).

Why is the ErgoFlex called ErgoFlex?

…because when we designed it, we attached great importance to ergonomics and flexibility.

The anatomically-designed back ends in a hip belt with padded and removable wings – and thanks to the adjustable back strap system it can be adapted to the size of your child’s back within seconds.
It is also flexible because it can not only be used as a backpack for school but for leisure time as well.

How do I clean my DerDieDas?

DerDieDas schoolbags and accessories can easily be cleaned:
We recommend a soft brush and/or a cloth with a gentle detergent. Afterwards, wipe it with pure water.